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Stuffed Safari Animals and Plush Safari Animals

Considering we call ourselves '', it only makes sense that we should carry tons of stuffed safari animals. After intense debate, we decided that to qualify as a plush safari animal an animal has to be native to Africa. Makes sense, right? So if you're looking for plush lions, stuffed giraffes, plush zebras, stuffed hippos, plush cheetahs, or stuffed rhinos then you are definitely in the right place. To make your stuffed safari animal searching easier, we have created links with specific types of plush safari animals just a click away. On the Stuffed African Animals pages you'll find some of the less common stuffed safari animals like stuffed African wild dogs, plush anteaters, and stuffed hyenas. If it's from Africa and it isn't listed in the links above then it can be found in the Stuffed African Animals section. Now grab your binoculars and your cool safari hat and hop into the jeep, it's time for a Stuffed Safari stuffed animal safari! If your jeep gets stuck or runs out of gas you can call us at 866-534-6604 and we will send our plush safari animal experts to your rescue. They can help you find just what you are looking for in no time!
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