Hi - I'm Rachel and I am the chief product evaluator here at Stuffed Safari. My job is to make sure all of the toys we offer are as much fun as possible. I also get to help pick new animals to add to our collection.

Stuffed Safari was started by my mom and dad but I came up with the idea. I LOVE animals and animal toys, especially stuffed animals, and think that stuffed animals are the best toys in the world. But it seems like a lot of places only carry stuffed dogs, cats, and bears - not the more unusual animals that I like to collect. The more unusual a stuffed animal is, the more I like it. That's where the idea for Stuffed Safari was born. We decided that we would offer only the best quality stuffed animals - the ones that are super cuddly, super fun, and unique - and only from companies with a reputation for quality.

I also like to learn interesting things about all kinds of animals and told mom and dad that our website should be a place where kids can learn too. They agreed and we added our special activity page section that is full of unusual coloring pages, trivia facts, and contests. You can even win free stuffed animals from time to time! We know that website safety is important to moms and dads, so we never ask for your name or address if you win a prize - it is all done through email and your mom and dad can fill out the shipping information after you win.

As Stuffed Safari grows, we are adding more and more interesting stuff to our website - new stuffed animals, animal activities, and other fun and educational stuff. So be sure to check back with us often, there's always something new to see at StuffedSafari.com!


Chief Product Evaluator

P.S. If you have a good idea for something you would like to see - either a product or a learning activity, drop us an email at [email protected] - we love to hear from our customers!