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Well, you asked for it. Now you've got it! The entire selection of stuffed animals and plush animals available at Stuffed Safari. You wanted to see a whole bunch of the best stuffed animals available online, or anywhere for that matter. Now you've found them. Read more.
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We offer stuffed toys by all of the top manufacturers in the business like Aurora, Fiesta, Hansa, Wild Republic, and many more. Each manufacturer has its own unique style, specialty, and selection. Since we want you to have lots of options when choosing your stuffed animals online, we brought all of their great plush together into one handy dandy, super fun, extra friendly, easy to use place. It might be the biggest collection of stuffed animals on earth, or at least on the internet! You can browse through all of our stuffed animals on the following pages or use the menu on the left to narrow your search. If you're looking for specific animals like stuffed dogs or tigers it might be easier to select the appropriate category from the menu rather than digging through all of the stuffed animals in this section. On the other hand, a scavenger hunt is always fun! You can sort all of the plush animals however you wish. Sort by price, manufacturer, popularity, or whatever filter suits you in the drop down menu above

1000's of Stuffed Animals. 1 Fun Website.

Call them stuffed, call them plush, call them whatever you want, there are thousands of them here to see and you can bet that the variety is immense. Jumbo stuffed animals, tiny stuffed animals, and all sizes in between can be found here at Pink plush, purple plush, blue plush, and almost any other color of stuffed animal you might need is just a short search away. It's like you have the world at your finger tips, if the world was super soft, cute, and cuddly! Thousands of stuffed animals, hundreds of different species, one awesome website for all of your plush needs. Who could ask for anything more? If you need any assistance searching through all of these incredible plush toys just give us a call and we'll gladly help you choose the best stuffed animal for you! Shop.