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Stuffed Cheetahs and Plush Cheetahs

You'd better have your running shoes on if you want to keep up with our stuffed cheetahs and plush cheetahs! These cheetah stuffed animals aren't going to sit on their laurels and wait for fun times to come to them. Stuffed cheetahs race from adventure to adventure as fast as possible, which is pretty much the way that they do everything. You would too if you could run seventy-five miles per hour! Why not show off that blazing speed as much as possible, right? We should warn you that cheetah stuffed animals can be a little mischievous at times and like to try to trip people. They can't help it, that's how cheetahs catch other animals in the wild. Just keep your eyes peeled for cheetah paws sticking out around corners and you should be fine. You can spot our plush cheetahs and stuffed cheetahs on the following pages and learn more about each one by clicking on its picture. Hurry up though, our cheetah stuffed animals like to make new friends fast!
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