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Not to be a pest, but have you seen our great selection of stuffed bugs and plush bugs?! We hope it doesn't bug you too much when we say that our stuffed bugs and plush bugs are the very best around. Take a look at the photos below and click on any one to get more information about the ones that catch your attention. Maybe it's a stuffed bumble bee you're after or perhaps a plush snail puppet is more your speed. You can find them both below, along with many other of our six and eight legged friends. Just look at the stuffed tarantulas and you'll know we're not spinning a web of lies about the high quality of our stuffed bugs and plush bugs. If you have an aspiring entomologist running around your yard with a flashlight and a net catching any bugs that don't fly away fast enough to escape living in an empty mayonnaise jar, then it's a guarantee that our stuffed bugs and plush bugs are exactly what you need. Just give us a buzz at 866-534-6604 and our excellent sales department can assist you in finding the perfect stuffed insect or plush insect to suit your personal needs. We promise that they won't bite, pinch, or sting!
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