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Stuffed Ostrich and Plush Ostrich

Our ostrich stuffed animals have lots in common with real ostrich. For one, stuffed ostrich and plush ostrich don't fly. You'll never see a real ostrich or an ostrich stuffed animal eating pudding, so that's two things. Both ostrich and plush ostrich are also big fans of soccer. Yeah, weird right? They love to kick stuff and they kick really hard too. Our stuffed ostrich think it's great being so similar to real ones and hope that you'll see that owning a stuffed ostrich is way more easy than trying to take care of a real one. Can you imagine trying to sleep at night with a three hundred pound bird in your bed? Talk about cramped quarters. An ostrich stuffed animal would also be a much better travel companion. First of all, how would you ever get a real ostrich through airport security and, secondly, how would you even get it into a cab to get to the airport in the first place? These are things you have to think about. It's pretty obvious that a stuffed ostrich or plush ostrich has huge advantages over a real one if you just consider some pros and cons. Ultimately, the decision is yours but if you scroll down and look at these great ostrich stuffed animals the decision might just make itself!
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