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Stuffed Dogs And Plush DogsStuffed Dogs and Plush Dogs

Our selection of dog stuffed animals is second to none here at Stuffed Safari. Whether you're looking for realistic stuffed dogs or a not-so-realistic pink, purple, or blue plush dog, we've got you covered when it comes to man's best friend. From tiny plush Poodles to giant stuffed Labradors, we've got them in all shapes and sizes. With an ever-growing inventory consisting of over twelve of the finest stuffed animal manufacturers, we carry many breeds of stuffed dogs and plush dogs, including stuffed labs, stuffed yorkies, stuffed chihuahuas, and stuffed corgies just to name a few. On top of having hundreds of stuffed dogs, we also carry dog hand puppets and even full body dog puppets, like the adorable Sheep Dog puppet made by our friends at Folkmanis. Choose a breed above if you know what tree you are barking up or just scroll down to see our entire inventory of stuffed dogs and plush dogs. You can click on a photo to get more information on the stuffed dog or plush dog of your choice or give us a call if you need help finding a particular breed, size, or price range. We're always happy to lend a paw!
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