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YooHoo and Friends Stuffed Animals by Aurora

Welcome the wonderful world of Aurora YooHoo and Friends! Aurora YooHoo and Friends is an adorable and fun collection of stuffed animals that features large eyes and friendly faces. It includes a virtual online world based upon the lovable characters created by Aurora. The Aurora YooHoo and Friends virtual world is designed for children between the ages of 5 to 12 years old but will be loved by all ages. The different stuffed animals and their online counterparts are based on real animals from all over the world. Most of the YooHoo and Friends characters are based on endangered species. During online play, children choose and raise pets, learn about the different animals, decorate their pet's room, play games, and watch YooHoo and Friends cartoons. The best part is it's all free and doesn't require any activation codes! The YooHoo and Friends online world is designed with your child's safety in mind and never distributes personal information. You can start exploring the magical online world of Yootopia by visiting the website at Check out our full selection of Yoohoo and Friends stuffed animals and order yours today. Be sure to check back regularly for new additions to the YooHoo & Friends plush family too!
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