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Wild Republic was founded in 1979 and has been producing fantastic stuffed animals and wildlife-related toys ever since. Their wonderful plush animals are sold in zoos, museums, gift shops, and right here at Stuffed Safari! Read more.
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Wild Republic Plush Toys at Stuffed Safari

Wild Republic stuffed animals can be found around the world, with distribution in the United States, Canada, the U.K., Italy, Denmark, Australia, and Singapore. Their products are endorsed by some very prestigious conservation organizations including Audubon, National Geographic, and the Natural History Museum. That's a pretty impressive resume! Conservation is extremely important to Wild Republic and is at the center of everything that they do. Striving to be both environmentally and ethically responsible, Wild Republic is committed to exceeding industry safety standards as well as converting production processes to include Eco-friendly practices like using sustainable resources and reusable packaging. Their ultimate goal is to provide stuffed animals and toys that educate and inspire children to develop a passion for preserving and protecting nature. Plush animals by Wild Republic come in all shapes and sizes and their fabulous line of Cuddlekins and Mini Cuddlekins covers a broad spectrum of wildlife. Cuddlekins by Wild Republic are designed with detail and accuracy and are built to be as cuddly and durable as possible. Along with the ever-popular Cuddlekins and Mini Cuddlekins, Wild Republic also has several other lines of plush including snakes, pink and purple plush animals, and the highly rated singing plush Audubon birds. If it exists in nature then there is a great chance that Wild Republic makes it in plush. Along with producing these wonderful plush toys, Wild Republic uses a portion of their profits to help disadvantaged children and animals around the world. Their level of care and commitment to nature is highly respectable and their dedication to producing top notch stuffed animals is second to none. If it's time to get wild, then it's time to get Wild Republic! Shop.