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Stuffed Hippos and Plush Hippos

Who's hungry for some hippo stuffed animals? Great news, our stuffed hippos and plush hippos are hungry for some humans too! Where are you going? Don't run away. Our hippo stuffed animals are just hungry for new friends, not lunch. These stuffed hippopotamus wouldn't harm a fly. They're too cuddly and cute for that. Besides, when is the last time you heard of any stuffed animal eating a person? Never, not once? Exactly. Plush hippos are just big softies that make great pals and make even better human sandwiches. No, scratch that. They don't make sandwiches out of people. That would be crazy. Hippo stuffed animals don't even like bread. Do you know what they do like? Break dancing. Stuffed hippos love to play some hip hop on an old boom box and boogie down. You haven't lived until you've seen a plush hippo doing a headspin! Now that your head is spinning in anticipation of picking out a fun stuffed hippo you should stop reading and have a look at all of the hippopotamus stuffed animals that we have to offer. Click on the pictures to learn more fun and interesting things about each stuffed hippo and, whatever you do, don't challenge them to a dance contest unless you're a pro. They're way too good at getting down!
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