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Hansa Stuffed Animals and Plush Animals

Hansa stuffed animals and plush animals are as lifelike as stuffed animals can be because each animal is carefully designed using significant research and actual portraits of the animal in its natural habitat. Hansa's goal in being so exact in the creation of their stuffed animals is to educate children and adults about the animals' lives and to help increase the understanding and appreciation of these amazing creatures and of our co-existence with them. Each plush animal by Hansa comes with a detailed teaching tag that includes information on the animal's habitat, eating habits, lifestyle, and much more.

Founded in 1972 by German-born Hans Axthelm, Hansa Toy International is dedicated to maintaining exact specifications for their custom designed fabrics and to hand-cutting and trimming these fabrics rather than having them stamped out by machines. The hands-on creation doesn't stop there though, as each stuffed animal is hand sewn using an old world 'inside-out' method to minimize the visibility of the seams. Each stuffed animal's face is hand-finished and airbrushed to give it a truly unique appearance and the body is also carefully sculpted to create realistic features that are in accordance with its positioning.

Hansa's highly trained artists combine an average of 42 separate pieces to craft each plush animal. Their available materials include over 860 different man-made fabrics and furs and more than 6,000 sets of eyes, whiskers, claws, noses, and other accessories. Some of the stuffed animals require as many as 240 of these different pieces! Many of these are the life-size and ride-on stuffed animals which also have lightweight titanium steel frames that can hold up to two hundred and fifty pounds. Every Hansa stuffed animal is produced with loving detail, meticulous attention, and an artisan's touch to ensure that it is of supreme quality. The Hansa design team is continuously at work to enhance and improve their entire creative process in order to ensure that they can continue to produce the very best lifelike stuffed animals in the most efficient, environmental friendly, and cost effective manner that is possible. We are excited to offer these unbelievable Hansa toys at and look forward to sharing them with you and yours.
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