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Stuffed African Animals and Plush African Animals

Our stuffed African animals section includes many of the unique animals that Africa has to offer. You'll find stuffed bushbabies, hyena stuffed animals, stuffed African wild dogs, plush fennec foxes, and other great stuffed African animals. Don't forget the hooved African animals like the stuffed gazelles and plush okapis. There are enough types of stuffed African animals here to recreate the plains of the Serengeti in your bedroom! African animal enthusiasts will be excited to see that we have a stuffed red river hog, also known as bush pig, that lives in the rainforests and swamps of Africa. We've got the arid African deserts covered too, with a wonderful stuffed gemsbok and several different fennec fox stuffed animals. Hopefully your thirst for African animals is quenched by our collection of fantastic plush African animals. Scroll down to have a look at all of these African stuffed animals and click on the pictures to learn more about each one. If you don't find the animal that you are looking for try typing its name in the search box or simply give us a call and we'll help you find the perfect stuffed African animal. Now, on with the safari!
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