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Stuffed Meerkats and Plush Meerkats

Get ready for a meerkat stuffed animal mob! No, not stuffed meerkats and plush meerkats armed with tommy guns and wearing pinstriped suits, although that would be pretty cool. A mob is just what you call a group of meerkats. They can also be referred to as a gang or a clan but meerkat mob sounds much more magnificent. Isn't alliteration fun? Our stuffed meerkat mob is great if you need to place a bet, get protection from local thugs, or open a casino. Just call a plush meerkat and it is sure to know a meerkat that knows a meerkat that can help you out with a thing or two. Just remember, if a meerkat stuffed animal does a favor for you then someday, and that day may never come, the stuffed meerkat will call upon you to do a service for it. Hold on, I think I got my mobs mixed up. The plush meerkat mob is the cute and cuddly bunch not the one that, allegedly, knows how to help you with that other stuff. These meerkat stuffed animals can give you protection from werewolves though. That's right, some African tribes believe that meerkats protect them from werewolves so we're sure that a mob of meerkat stuffed animals will do the same. In fact, if a werewolf bothers you anytime after you receive your stuffed meerkat we will not only issue a full refund but we will also send you a silver bullet. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to talk to a plush meerkat about some family business.
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