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Stuffed Zebras and Plush Zebras

You can stop trying to adjust your color settings, our zebra stuffed animals are supposed to be black and white! You didn't expect stuffed zebras and plush zebras to be anything less did you? Zebra stuffed animals like to do lots of fun things like listen to music and watch movies. Their favorite actor is Bill Murray, not for Caddyshack or Ghostbusters, but for his work with John Candy in, you guessed it, Stripes! The also like any Charlie Chaplin movie. No, not because they are in black and white but because they are funny. Stuffed zebras love to laugh. When the zebra stuffed animals get to pick the music they always choose The White Stripes. They just love Jack White and who can blame them? You can see that our plush zebras are going to be a blast to hang out with and that you'll never run out of fun things to do so scroll down and find the one that stripes, uh, strikes you and we'll send it to your home right away. With so many amazing stuffed zebras the choice isn't going to be as simple as black and white!
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