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At, we think our of cat stuffed animals are the cat's meow! We offer a huge variety of plush cats and kittens in many breeds, colors, and sizes, from our eight inch plush mini flopsie cats to our jumbo twenty-eight inch cat stuffed animal, Super Esmeralda the Jumbo Stuffed Calico Cat by Aurora. Along with our excellent selection of cat stuffed animals, we also carry cat stage puppets, full body cat puppets, and many kitten stuffed animals. Our stuffed cats come in all your favorite breeds and colors, too! We have stuffed calico cats, plush Persian cats, stuffed black cats, plush white cats, stuffed orange cats, stuffed Siamese cats, plush Himalayan cats, and many, many more. If you have a favorite breed of cat, we're likely have the stuffed or plush cat for you. Just give us a call and we can help you find the stuffed cat you are looking for or simply scroll down to see our entire selection of stuffed cats and plush cats. Once you've found the cat stuffed animal of your liking, click on the photo for more information.
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