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Lifelike and Realistic Stuffed Dogs

Could someone please tell the neighbors' dogs to stop barking so we can tell you about these lifelike and realistic stuffed dogs? Since dogs are man's best friend, realistic plush dogs must be loneliness's worst enemy. Real dogs can't go everywhere with you but lifelike stuffed dogs can be by your side at all times. It's pretty simple, you play with your real dog when you are at home and when you're on a train your lifelike plush dog fills in for Fido. You take a sky diving class, you leave Fido at home and bring along his realistic stuffed doggy doppelganger to help you be brave. Going to watch your Grandma show her fancy pedigree cat in a cat show? Take the real dog! Just kidding, of course! Your lifelike dog stuffed animals are definitely the better choice for taking along to cat shows. After the cat show you might want to take Grandma out for a celebratory dinner. Again, a realistic stuffed dog is the best choice for a companion. No matter what kind of dog you are trying to find a stand in for, we are sure to have a fantastic lifelike plush dog to fill its, uh, shoes. Paws? Fill its paws? Aurora, Douglas, Hansa, and Gund provide us with our great variety of realistic stuffed dogs and they all do a great job of crafting a lifelike appearance while still maintaining the oh so important element of cuddliness. You can have all of the lifelike stuffed dogs in the world but if they can't curl up next to you then what good are they anyway? Do you know who else likes to curl up next to lifelike dog stuffed animals? Dogs. They love them. It's like a little buddy that doesn't compete with them for food or attention. The perfect puppy pal for a puppy. Just watch out when the plush dog's face starts to get chewed up a little bit, you don't want the plastic eyes to become chew toys. Definitely a choking hazard! Always supervise your realistic stuffed dog and your real dog when they are playing. If you need any help finding the perfect lifelike plush dog just give us a call and we'll get you barking up the right tree!
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