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Stuffed Schnauzers and Plush Schnauzers

Who's ready for the annual mustache competition at the county fair? I'll tell you who, our stuffed schnauzers and plush schnauzers, that's who! They say that salt and pepper hair makes a man look distinguished but what about schnauzer stuffed animals? You can bet that Sam Elliot has got nothing on our plush schnauzers! They say that a great mustache and handsome fur can get you pretty far in life. If that's true then these schnauzers are certainly going places. Now, bushy eyebrows might not work well for the average human, but these stuffed schnauzers really make them work. There's plenty of potential for grooming when you are hanging out with a stuffed schnauzer. Go ahead, comb until your heart is content. Now, try doing that with Sam Elliott. Not going to happen! These schnauzer stuffed animals love the attention and never make a peep. This also gives them an edge on real schnauzers, who tend to be a bit on the barky side. Not that there's anything wrong with an attentive guard dog but do you have to bark every time the wind blows? Really? Not an issue with our schnauzer stuffed animals. They're all bite, and by bite I mean cuddle, and no bark!
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