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Stuffed Spaniels and Plush Spaniels

In the Stuffed Spaniels and Plush Spaniels sections of you'll find all of our stuffed Cocker Spaniels, plush Springer Spaniels, and stuffed King Charles Spaniels. A stuffed Cocker Spaniel gets along great with a plush Springer Spaniel and both really like stuffed King Charles Spaniels so we put them all together in one convenient place. You never can tell how well a stuffed Spaniel will respond to sharing its space with other plush Spaniels so we were pleased with our discovery and glad that all of our plush Cocker Spaniels were so eager to share their space with their distant doggy cousins. This is great news for you too because now you can be sure that your stuffed Spaniels will all get along great and will have no problem cuddling right up to any other plush Spaniels that you already have. So go ahead, mix and match these plush Spaniels until your heart is content and we'll send you a whole big box full of them if that is your pleasure.
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