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Stuffed Labradors and Plush Labradors

If you're looking to retrieve a stuffed Labrador Retriever then you've found the perfect place to begin your selection. On the following pages you'll find all of our stuffed black Labs, stuffed chocolate Labs, and stuffed yellow Labs. We've even sorted the three colors of plush Labrador Retrievers so that you can simply choose one of the links above and see each color separate from the other two. It should be easy to retrieve the perfect stuffed Labrador Retriever now! Our plush Labs range in size from the two inch looped stuffed labs by Wild Republic to our twenty-eight inch plush yellow Lab, Super Garth by Aurora. We have plush Lab puppets, stuffed Labs in purses, and plush Lab puppies all just a click away. Each stuffed Labrador has a detailed description that you can see by clicking on its picture but if you still have questions you can call or email us and we will be happy to assist you in picking you're new plush Labrador.
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