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Stuffed Pugs and Plush Pugs

Pugs are known for having lots of personality in a little body and our stuffed pugs and plush pugs are no different. Each stuffed pug you see below has its own unique personality that makes it different from the plush pug next to it. Choosing the right stuffed pug to fit your own personality and necessity is all up to you. If you're feeling playful, try Pico or Poncho, the stuffed pugs made by Aurora. If you're feeling like royalty and want a plush pug to adorn your lap and make you look all the more regal then one of Aurora's realistic stuffed pugs is just what you need. No matter how you're feeling, a plush pug will certainly make your day better. Giving the gift of a stuffed pug has been proven to enhance and strengthen all types of relationships. When I say proven, I mean I made that up but people really do love plush pugs and that's no lie!
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