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Stuffed Saint Bernards and Plush Saint Bernards

A stuffed Saint Bernard or plush Saint Bernard may not carry a barrel of brandy to warm you up if you get lost in the Alps but it will definitely keep you warm in the comfort of your own home. Our stuffed St. Bernards and plush St. Bernards also won't grow up to weigh over two hundred pounds so you can easily keep one on your bed. Basically, what I'm saying is that unless you already have a gigantic bed or plan on hiking the Alps several times then a stuffed Saint Bernard is a great, and realistic, way to enjoy this beautiful breed of dog without having to order custom-fitted sheets or hire a Sherpa. Owning a large St. Bernard is wonderful thing but owning a plush St. Bernard is effortless! Just click on the pictures below to read more about a specific stuffed Saint Bernard or give us a call and we'll gladly lead you down the mountain and get you on the path to plush St. Bernard ownership.
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