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Mini EcoKins Stuffed Animals

Mini EcoKins stuffed animals by Wild Republic are perfect for all animal lovers. With over 40 different kinds of animals available, Mini EcoKins can cover anyone's plush wildlife needs. You can find Wild Republic Mini EcoKins for popular North American animals like a wolf or river otter and for more exotic animals like a tiger or zebra. There is even a unicorn Mini EcoKins! Looking for something more exotic? How about a three-toed sloth? Now that's unique! Mini EcoKins aren't just restricted to land animals either. There are stuffed sharks, stuffed whales, stuffed sea turtles, and lots of other interesting sea creatures. Jungle animals? Check. Big cats? Check. Seriously, Mini EcoKins stuffed animals come from all walks of animal life. Perhaps one of the best thing about Mini EcoKins stuffed animals is that they are made from 100% recycled materials. That's right! Mini EcoKins are made from 100% recycled fabric and fiber fill. They feature embroidered eyes and noses (no plastic!). The hang tags for these stuffed animals are made with recycled paper and even the string that attaches the hang tag is made from cotton instead of plastic. They also don't feature plastic beads either. Isn't that amazing. The amount of care and detail that went into these environmentally friendly stuffed animals made from 100% recycled materials is just astounding. They come in two sizes to. If you're looking for classic-sized stuffed animal, the EcoKins line will work just fine for you. They average 8 inches but keep in mind these class sizes are not exact measurements. If you need exact measurement, feel free to give us a call and one of us will grab a tape measure and gladly give you more detailed information. If you're looking for a larger stuffed animal, then the EcoKins might be a better fit. They have all the fun and cuddly characteristics of the Mini EcoKins stuffed animals, just in a larger size.
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