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Wild Republic Plush Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets from Wild Republic are more than just bracelets, and they're even more than just a bracelet that slaps things. These plush slap bracelets have little stuffed animals built into them, so when you slap them around your wrist it looks like they're hugging or sitting on your arm! So slap these cute little animals on all kinds of things and watch them hug the heck out of them! Some of these plush slap bracelets have even more features, like making noise or recording your voice and playing it back to you. Imagine all of the wild times you could have with a slap bracelet that mimicks your voice! You could (gently) slap your plush slap bracelet onto your wrist, your friends wrists, your backpack strap, your seatbelt in the car, and so much more! The potential of these slap bracelets is almost endless. If you're ready to have some fun with a new plush friend who loves sitting on or hugging things, then go ahead and adopt your very own plush slap bracelet.. Or maybe even a whole bunch of them, we're not judging! Once you see how cute these slap bracelets are, you might just decide to collect them all.
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