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Mini Cuddlekins Stuffed Animals

If you love wild animals then Mini Cuddlekins by Wild Republic are right up your alley! There are over 100 different Mini Cuddlekins and the collection continues to grow year after year. These eight to ten inch plush animals feature realistic coloring and markings, natural body shaping, and incredibly adorable faces. Well, if they have faces. It's safe to say that the jellyfish Mini Cuddlekins don't fall into the adorable faces category. All of the Mini Cuddlekins are bean weighted with soft, pliable bodies for maximum cuddliness. Mini Cuddlekins cover the land, sea, and air with a wide variety of popular animals along with some rare and unique ones. It's not always easy to find a stuffed naked mole rat or mouse lemur but you will find them both in the Mini Cuddlekins plush collection. You'll also find some amazing North American animals like the bald eagle and the cougar, plenty of primates, several different bears, all of the popular big cats, and even some really cool prehistoric Mini Cuddlekins. If you're an aquatic animal fan then check out the four faceless jellyfish along with the dolphin, whales, and sharks. Taking to the air? Then you'll want to see the macaws or maybe the owls. There's also the customer favorite Mini Cuddlekin hummingbird for you fast fliers. It's obvious that Mini Cuddlekins are fantastic on their own but another fun thing about them is that they can be mixed and matched with Lil' Cuddlekins, Cuddlekins, or Jumbo Cuddlekins so that you have a whole family of your favorite plush animals!
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