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Cuddlekins Stuffed Animals

Cuddlekins stuffed animals by Wild Republic are prefect for all animal lovers. With well over 100 different kinds of animals available, Cuddlekins can cover anyone's plush wildlife needs. You can find Wild Republic Cuddlekins for popular North American animals like a bald eagle or a bison and for more exotic animals like a sloth or a cobra. There is even a plush honey badger Cuddlekin. Looking for something a little more exotic? How about a pink stuffed giraffe? Now that's unique! Even Mother Nature doesn't make one of those. Wild Republic does though and it's super cool. Cuddlekins aren't just restricted to land animals either. There are stuffed sharks, whales, jellyfish, and lots of other interesting undersea creatures. Jungle animals? Check. Big cats? Check. Seriously, Cuddlekins stuffed animals come from all walks of animal life. Cuddlekins stuffed animals are bean-weighted with floppy style bodies that are made to be pliable and cuddly. While their shape and coloring is made to realistically represent actual wild animals, Cuddlekins tend to have a fun and cartoonish appearance rather than being extremely lifelike in their facial detailing. They smile a lot more than real wild animals! There are three size classes of Cuddlekins plush, the 12 inch class, the 15 inch class, and the 16 inch class, which are the large lying big cats. Please keep in mind that these size classes are not exact measurements. A 12 inch Cuddlekin will measure close to 12 inches but might be slightly more or less than that. If you need exact measurements for any reason feel free to give us a call and we will gladly grab a tape measure and give you more detailed information. If you love the look of these Cuddlekins stuffed animals but would like something smaller or larger then you should check out the Lil' Cuddlekins, Mini Cuddlekins, or the Jumbo Cuddlekins. They have all of the fun and cuddly characteristics of the Cuddlekins stuffed animals, just in different sized packages!
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