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Halloween Stuffed Animals

It's a spooky time of year and we've got all of the best Halloween stuffed animals to complete your awesome costumes! Stuffed black cats? Check. Plush frogs, toads, and snakes? Check. Bat Stuffed animals? Check. Stuffed owls? Check. Read more.
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Halloween Themed Plush at Stuffed Safari

How long is this checklist? It seems to be going on forever. By the time it's done we'll be back in Kansas in a fantastic Dorothy costume with a Toto stuffed animal...wait for it. Check. The list of fun stuffed animals for Halloween costumes goes on and on and on at Plush Spiders? Check. How about parrot stuffed animals for awesome pirate costumes? You know what's coming right? Check! That one had an exclamation point, an emphatic check. Want to be an alligator wrangler for Halloween? How about a lion tamer? Maybe you want to be Little Bo Peep and, if so, you're going to need a sheep. Plush sheep? Check. We've gathered all of the more common Halloween plush into one nice little cauldron for you below but if you don't see the stuffed animal you need don't panic. Type it in the search box above or check one of our other handy categories. Maybe a stuffed black cat is not up your alley or a stuffed frog doesn't float your boat and that is okay. Halloween is about being creative, thinking out of the box, and BOOOOO! Did we scare you? No? Well at least we tried! If you need any help finding the exact stuffed animal you need to make your costume the best, just give us a call. We're never scared to help our customers, no matter how spooky their Halloween costume ideas might sound! Shop.