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Stuffed Snakes and Plush Snakes

We have stuffed snakes and plush snakes slithering this way and that here at! Our stuffed snake pit is full of fun snake stuffed animals of all kinds and sizes. There are several stuffed rattlesnakes, plush pythons, stuffed boa constrictors, and plush anacondas to choose from so you're sure to find the perfect plush snake pal. We have multiple stuffed snakes that measure around ten feet long and others that are just a few inches. You'll find glittery and colorful stuffed snakes and plush snakes with designs that can't be found in the wild; like hearts, camouflage, and skulls. Just because a real snake would never be decorated with butterflies doesn't mean that a stuffed snake shouldn't be! Scroll through the pages below to see these and many other stuffed snakes and click on the pictures to get more information about each snake stuffed animal. Don't forget the antivenom!
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