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Stuffed Bats and Plush Bats

Here at Stuffed Safari, we have stuffed bats in our belfry! Our bat stuffed animals spend a lot of time just hanging around doing bat stuff. You know, thinking about bugs, cleaning their wings, turning into vampires, and all the other stuff that bats like to do. Read more.
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Bat Stuffed Animals at Stuffed Safari

Nevermind the vampire thing, we weren't supposed to mention that. Let's just focus on how unique and amazing these bat stuffed animals are and forget about any alleged vampire activity. We have plush vampire bats, stuffed brown bats, a stuffed fruit bat, and even a plush flying fox that would love to get to know you better. Wait a minute, who let in the flying fox? And what's a fox doing with wings? Oh! It's a species of bat. Well why didn't they just call it a bat? Scientists are weird. After one of our plush bats gets to know you there's a chance that you might start to notice some little spots on your neck. We assure you that there is nothing to worry about. Just ignore them and enjoy immortality. It's best not to ask questions and certainly don't try to resist. It only makes it worse. Be sure to check out all of our bat stuffed animals and make sure that you get rid of any garlic before your new stuffed bat arrives. No questions, just lose the garlic! Shop.