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Stuffed Monsters and Plush Monsters

Have you ever wished you could have a monster as a friend? Sometimes working out the details of befriending a real monster can be difficult, but luckily you can befriend a stuffed monster with the click of just a few buttons! Plus, there's rumors that real monsters can get pretty grumpy sometimes, but stuffed monsters are always happy - rain or shine. Whether you're thinking of adopting a three-eyed ghoul, a goblin, or a brightly colored friend with enormous teeth, we're confident you'll find just the monster you've got in mind right here at Stuffed Safari. Sometimes when we think about monsters we think of creatures that aren't so nice to look at, but once you take a look at the below pages, you'll see how adorable these plush monsters actually are! Monsters can be just as loveable as a dog or a cat, and they're much more unique so you can leave a lasting impact when you introduce people to your stuffed monster. So check out all of our plush monsters - the things that go bump in the night suddenly got a whole lot cuter!
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