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Aurora Palm Pals Stuffed Animals

The Palm Pals stuffed animals by Aurora are adorable little beanbag stuffed animals that are the perfect size to sit in the palm of your hand. Have you ever seen a stuffed animal and thought ''This is fate. I NEED this in my life!''? No? Well, get ready to! These adorable little stuffed animals are pretty irresistible. If you have an empty shelf or some bare spaces on your desk (or just a little extra room in your heart), you need some Palm Pals. These stuffed animals measure about 5 inches each so they're the perfect size to plop everywhere! If you have limited space but you love stuffed animals, we feel for you. Palm Pals stuffed animals by Aurora will solve all of your problems! They've got it all. Cuteness? Check. Collectability? CHECK. Affordable price? Double check! Palm Pals are bean-weighted so they sit upright and are always ready to be admired, and the collection features unique items including mythical creatures, fruits and veggies, farm animals, and more. The Aurora Palm Pals stuffed animals can come along with you wherever you go since they're a convenient small size, and they're so cute that you'll want to show them off every chance you get. Whether you're looking for dozens of Palm Pals for an event, or just a single one for someone special, Stuffed Safari has your needs covered!
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