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Stuffed White Cats and Plush White Cats

Meow. Read that to your white cat. It'll know what I'm talking about. Translation; 'Our stuffed white cats and plush white cats look just like you except they don't need litter boxes!' Sorry for teasing your cat but looking at our stuffed white cats always puts me in a playful mood. I remember my first white cat, cleverly named 'White', and I remember how much I would have rather had a plush white cat every time my mom made me clean the litter box. Looking back, I think I was probably just lazy. So, you need a plush white cat and here you are, the best place on the internet to find one. We have a great variety of stuffed white cats in all shapes and sizes. Some of our plush white cats are specific breeds, like Cindy the Stuffed Persian Cat by Aurora and the plush Angoras and Himalayans, and others are simply stuffed white cats. I'll be honest, a couple of these plush white cats are actually cream-colored plush cats but that is close enough to qualify each one of them as a stuffed white cat. The picture and description will let you know that you're really looking at a cream-colored stuffed cat and not a white plush cat. Either way we hope you find the perfect white, or cream, stuffed cat and that your mom doesn't make you change the litter box!
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