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Stuffed Whales and Plush Whales

Our stuffed whales and plush whales section is full of stuffed orcas, plush humpback whales, stuffed blue whales, and plush belugas. There's enough stuffed whales here to start an army. Now that sounds fun, an army of plush whales. I can see it now. Sergeant Stuffed Beluga leading his squadron of plush killer whales to take over the, um, the...hmmmm. What on earth would an army of plush whales take over? This may have been a horrible idea. No stuffed orca I know would even want to listen to a plush beluga and stuffed blue whales and plush humpback whales are really friendly so they aren't going to go along with any shenanigans. Maybe an army of stuffed whales and plush whales could assemble to talk about how yummy fish and plankton taste. I don't know. Whatever you do with your plush whale army is up to you, but no matter what you are planning, you've come to the right place to recruit stuffed whales and plush whales.
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