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Stuffed Orcas and Plush Orcas

Pssst. Are the other plush whales gone? Yeah, they're gone. Hey guys, it's just us now, the stuffed orcas and plush orcas. Time to party! Welcome to the stuffed killer whale party. Let me tell you, it never ends! These stuffed orcas and plush orcas know how to get down like nobody's business. Ever since Willy got freed the plush killer whales have been throwing a non-stop celebration. They get so rowdy that we put them in their own private section so that the other stuffed whales can get some rest and relax a little bit. If you like to have a good time then these stuffed orcas and plush orcas are just what you need. Just don't say we didn't warn you, these stuffed animals are all party all the time!
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