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Stuffed Humpback Whales and Stuffed Blue Whales

Hop aboard the SS Stuffed Safari, it's time to go humpback and blue whale stuffed animal watching. Grab your binoculars and be ready to be amazed by these great stuffed humpback whales and stuffed blue whales. You might want to take off that krill costume if you plan on swimming with these wonderful giants. Where did you get a krill costume anyway? Our stuffed humpback whales and stuffed blue whales will love swimming the depths of your imagination and embarking on great undersea adventures with you. Our big twenty-two inch stuffed humpback and blue whales by Fiesta aren't quite as huge as the real thing but they make up for it by being super cuddly. Plus, they can actually fit through your front door, which makes them much easier to play with. Scroll down to see all of our blue and humpback whale stuffed animals and click on the photos to get more information on each one. Oh, and don't forget to lose the krill costume!
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