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Stuffed Tyrannosaurus Rex and Plush Tyrannosaurus Rex

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Everyone be quiet. Look over there, is that? Yes, yes it is. It's a group of the elusive stuffed tyrannosaurus rex and plush tyrannosaurus rex. No sudden movements. Look at that giant one over there. It's the thirty-five inch stuffed tyrannosaurus by Fiesta. A wonderful specimen. And the Plush T-Rex Wild Watcher by Wild Republic is right over there. Don't be fooled, it looks cute and cuddly but, well okay, be fooled. It is cute and cuddly. It's made in the image of a T-Rex having a good day. Surely they weren't big and mean all of the time. Even my fourth grade teacher had a good day every once in a while. Still, you should proceed with caution while you search for the perfect stuffed tyrannosaurus or plush tyrannosaurus. You don't want to end up as extra stuffing!
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