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Stuffed Kangaroos and Plush Kangaroos

Hop on over and I'll tell you all about our kangaroo stuffed animals. These stuffed kangaroos and plush kangaroos are hoping to jump into your arms as soon as possible. There is a little extra bounce in their step just thinking about all of the fun that they can have with you. Just look at the faces of our stuffed kangaroos and you will see that they can hardly contain their excitement. Even the joeys are smiling and they can barely see from inside of their mothers' pouches. Oh yeah, most of our kangaroo stuffed animals have joeys that they will be bringing with them to your home. That's two plush roos for the price of one! Some of the stuffed joeys are detachable and some aren't, without a little snip snip here and snip snip there, so make sure to read about each kangaroo stuffed animal if you have a preference. Detachable Joeys would also make a great name for your new band. Feel free to use that if you'd like. It's time to hop on to other things so take a look at these great plush kangaroos and give us a call if you have any questions. We always jump at the chance to talk about our kangaroo stuffed animals!
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