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Lifelike and Realistic Stuffed Cats

They might not meow or catch mice, but these lifelike and realistic stuffed cats will definitely make you purr with delight. Our selection of stuffed cats that look real is full of fluffy and cute plush kitties that come in all colors and sizes. We have lifelike calico cats, Angoras, Siamese as well as black, gray, orange, and tuxedo cats with realistic facial features, accurate body shaping, and amazing coloring. Cats can be quirky and even cantankerous, to say the least, but our lifelike plush cats are all about lying on laps and cuddling under blankets until your heart is content. Don't get us wrong, real cats are fantastic but sometimes a stuffed cat that looks real is just more manageable. You can brush realistic cat stuffed animals just like real ones, you can give them saucers of milk, you can even take them to the veterinarian. You might get some odd looks but what you won't get is a huge bill! So what about the things that you can't do with real cats that you can do with plush cats that look real? Bungee jump. Check. Scuba dive. Check. Teach your dog to fetch. Check. Now, just because you can do these things with your lifelike stuffed cats doesn't mean that you should, but they are options. Kind of like how you shouldn't toss your real cat in the air just because you heard that cats always land on their feet. Go ahead and toss your realistic cat stuffed animals as high as you want though. They might not land on their feet but they also won't complain about a botched landing!
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