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Stuffed Walrus and Plush Walrus

Our walrus stuffed animals have been shining their tusks and combing their whiskers in anticipation of you coming to look at them. These stuffed walrus and plush walrus want to make sure that they look their very best for you. They tried to find tuxedos but we told them that tuxedos might be a bit much. We also told them that they might need to slim down a bit to fit nicely into their tuxedos and they didn't really like the sound of that. They assured us that they need all that blubber to stay warm. Nonetheless, our walrus stuffed animals are in tip top shape and ready to come to your house and make some new friends. You can learn more about each stuffed walrus by clicking on its photo or call us and we'll gladly tell you all about our walrus stuffed animals and their fine grooming habits!
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