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Stuffed Snow Leopards and Plush Snow Leopards

Grab your snowshoes, we're off to the mountains of Asia to see some great snow leopard stuffed animals. It's going to be cold where our stuffed snow leopards and plush snow leopards live so some ear muffs might be in order as well! Now that you're properly equipped, the ear muffs look great by the way, let's get started. If we want to attract stuffed snow leopards we need to play some music. They love the song 'Jump' by Van Halen. It's obviously about snow leopards because they can leap up to fifty feet. They also like 'Jumping Jack Flash' by The Rolling Stones. It seems that stuffed snow leopards can't get enough classic rock. The tunes seem to be working because you can see a whole group of snow leopard stuffed animals just below us. Scroll down a little. There you go. That's a great variety of plush snow leopards! Keep the music playing and click on their pictures to learn more about each stuffed snow leopard. When your best friend is a snow leopard stuffed animal you'll never be left out in the cold!
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