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Stuffed Leopards and Plush Leopards

Our leopard stuffed animals are as varied as leopards in the wild. We have stuffed African leopards, stuffed clouded leopards, and stuffed snow leopards in all sizes and styles so you're sure to find a great stuffed leopard to please any big cat lover. You can find small stuffed leopards, like Lennox the Plush Leopard Lil' Buddies by Fiesta, and huge leopard stuffed animals like the Jumbo Plush Snow Leopard by Wild Republic. Want a pink stuffed leopard or a purple stuffed leopard? We have those too! If a realistic stuffed leopard is what you are after then have a look at the fifteen inch stuffed leopards made by Wild Republic. You can see that there is no shortage of fantastic plush leopards here at Stuffed Safari. Scroll down to see them all or choose a specific sub-category to narrow down your selection of leopard stuffed animals. Call us with any questions about our stuffed leopards and plush leopards and we'll gladly help you spot the right one!
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