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Stuffed Sea Lions and Plush Sea Lions

Can you hear me now? Our stuffed sea lions and plush sea lions certainly can! That's what those little external ears are there for and that's what makes a stuffed sea lion a great listener. Need to get something off of your mind? Just sit a plush sea lion down and tell it all about your troubles. Maybe you have a secret that you just can't stand to keep, well I can promise you that any one of these stuffed sea lions won't tell a soul. The Stuffed Sea Lion Finger Puppet by Folkmanis knows things about me that my own mother doesn't even know, but that's neither 'ear' nor there. The fact is that these stuffed sea lions and plush sea lions are great companions, great listeners, and just plain overall great stuffed animals. If you don't believe me, you'll have to get your own stuffed sea lion to sea if I'm lion!
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