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Stuffed Seals and Plush Seals

A stuffed seal might just be at the top of the cuteness chart. Let me check. Yep, it says right there at the top, 'stuffed seal'. How couldn't a plush seal be super cute, it's made to look just like one of the most adorable animals ever! Seriously, seals are like puppies but with flippers. Our stuffed seals and plush seals are wagging their flipper tails right now just knowing that they might get to go to your house soon. We have plush harbor seals, stuffed harp seals, and plush sea lions that are barking with excitement at the possibility of getting to know you. The stuffed sea lions wanted to make sure that we made it clear that they aren't exactly seals because they have visible external ears. Who knew plush sea lions could be so particular? They are a very proud bunch! Our plush white seals, or harp seals, don't care what you call them as long as you call them cute. The plush harbor seals like to be called harbor seals because they think the name 'common seals', as they are sometimes known, is too boring. Now that you know what to call all of these stuffed seals and plush seals I think I will step aside and let you pick out the perfect one!
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