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Stuffed Bumblebees and Plush Bumblebees

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Guess what? It's time to make some honey with our sweet stuffed bumblebees and plush bumblebees. When Shakespeare saw our selection of stuffed bees he had a hard time deciding how many he wanted. He just kept asking, 'two bees or not two bees?'! He ended up choosing four plush bees. Good choice, Bill! If you want to bumble with the bees, we've got just what you need. Here's the best part about our bumblebee stuffed animals; if you're barefoot and you step on a plush bee it doesn't sting! Each one of our stuffed bees has had its stinger removed by expert plush bee manufacturers. Sorry, no need for a cool beekeeper suit but you can still wear one if you want. Just don't be surprised when the neighbors are abuzz about your strange behavior. They might not understand all of the fun that they are missing out on by not playing with you and your stuffed bumblebees!
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