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Stuffed Ladybugs and Plush Ladybugs

Get ready for a red and black cute stuffed bug attack! These stuffed ladybugs and plush ladybugs are bound to be instant favorites. Just so we're clear, you can call them stuffed ladybirds if you like, they are still just as cute and cuddly. Apparently, you could also call them plush lady beetles or stuffed lady flies. Who knew that a stuffed ladybug could go by so many different names? 'Not I', said the lady cow! Yes, a plush ladybug may be called a plush lady cow. That's an odd one. No matter what weird names you have for these stuffed ladybugs and plush ladybugs one thing remains the same, they're adorable. If you order one just don't forget to leave your window open. Just like real labybugs, that's the entrance that ladybug stuffed animals prefer!
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