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Stuffed Brachiosaurus and Plush Brachiosaurus

Great news, you never have to hear your mom say, 'Where will we keep it?' again! A stuffed brachiosaurus and plush brachiosaurus can fit right through your bedroom door. Sure, a stuffed brachiosaurus won't prune your trees for you like a real one would but it also won't hog the blankets at night. Plush brachiosaurus ownership is all about give and take. Compromise, if you will. These stuffed dinosaurs aren't going to smash any cars for you but they also won't accidentally step on your bike. It seems pretty clear that owning a brachiosaurus would be a lot of responsibility and who wants that? Just go for a stuffed brachiosaurus and use your imagination to have it do anything you can think up. That way, the only question your mom will have for you is, 'Did you do your homework?'. We still don't have a stuffed animal solution for that one!
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