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Stuffed Woolly Mammoths and Stuffed Smilodons

Normally, putting a woolly mammoth and a smilodon in the same place would be a problem but our stuffed woolly mammoths and stuffed smilodons get along just fine. The smilodons, or saber tooth tigers, know that they have a lot in common with the woolly mammoths. Both types of prehistoric animals have fur, so that's a start. A plush smilodon certainly has big teeth just like the big tusks on a plush woolly mammoth. That's two things. Finding a third thing that our stuffed woolly mammoths and stuffed saber tooth tigers had in common was a little tricky until we figured out that they both love to watch old episodes of The Flintstones. After that discovery we had no problem putting these two very different prehistoric stuffed animals together. The best part of it all is that now you know that you can leave a plush woolly mammoth and a plush smilodon home alone and not have to worry about your bedroom being destroyed. It's breakthroughs like this that get us out of bed in the morning!
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