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Stuffed Unicorns and Plush Unicorns

Stuffed unicorns and plush unicorns are for people that see a horse and think, 'that thing needs a shiny horn!'. We offer lots of unicorn stuffed animals so that people aren't constantly trying to stick horns on horses. Read more.
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Unicorn Stuffed Animals at Stuffed Safari

Sometimes, fantasy is better for everyone, horses included. Our fantasy enhancing stuffed unicorns have made great strides toward advancing the notion that horses are fine just the way they are. It is much easier to just make friends with a plush unicorn than to try to mount a funnel on a horse's forehead. Ever tried to put duct tape on a horse? They don't like it. Would you? Every princess needs a good means of transportation to travel from kingdom to kingdom and there is no better way to fly than on the back of a unicorn stuffed animal. Imagine a prince seeing you land at his palace on a pretty stuffed unicorn. He'd be crazy not to beg you to be his queen. Whether you entertain the idea or not is up to you but if you decide he's too froggy-looking then you hop on your plush unicorn and fly home. What's more fun than that? Just scroll down to pick out your very own stuffed unicorn or plush unicorn. Horses everywhere will thank you! Shop.