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Stuffed Tiger Sharks and Plush Tiger Sharks

Ever tried to catch a tiger shark by the toe? It's impossible. Catching a tiger shark stuffed animal is much easier, and safer. A stuffed tiger shark doesn't have toes so you are better off catching it by the tail or a fin. That's where the problem starts with catching a real tiger shark by the toe. You spend hours getting close enough to one only to find out that there are no toes to grab and then you find yourself face to face with a grumpy tiger shark. Let's just say that there are better places to be. A plush tiger shark, on the other hand, doesn't get grumpy. Living the life of a plush animal just doesn't create the grumpy emotion. It's true. Ask anyone. Grab a guy on the street and ask him if he has ever seen a grumpy stuffed tiger shark. The answer will always be no, usually followed by 'get away from me'. Ignore the second part. Humans can be grumpy when you ask them serious questions. They don't lead the charmed life of a tiger shark stuffed animal.
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