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Stuffed Paint Horses and Plush Paint Horses

Hey there Buckaroo! Looking for a paint horse of the stuffed animal variety, is ya? Well, let me tell ya, you done come to the right ranch. We got us some fine stuffed paint horses and plush paint horses that we's purdy proud about. Heck, we got big stuffed paint horses and little paint horse stuffed animals that are jes' great fer startin' up a mouse rodeo. Course, you prolly already seen quite a mess of stuffed paint horses in yer day so I ain't got to tell you what a great bunch of stuffed animals these is. I can tell this ain't yer first rodeo. Looks like you been round plush paint horses mosta yer life. Got that look in yer eye, like you know sumthing. You keeping secrets? We's not fond of secrets round here. Ya got sumthing ta say, let 'er rip. Well smarty, why don't ya scroll on down to the pasture and put them eagle eyes on our paint horse stuffed animals and you come tell me when you found one that suits your fancy. I got work to be doin'. Seems the other stuffed horses done broke another fence. I'm always mendin' fences. Now, you go on and pick yerself a fine plush paint horse, pardner.
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