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Stuffed Opossums and Plush Opossums

Don't worry, I'm okay. I was just playing possum with our opossum stuffed animals. These stuffed opossums and plush opossums are very good at it. Seriously, every stuffed opossum is really awesome at playing possum. Say that five times fast! Do you know why no one likes to sit next to opossums on airplanes? They bring too much carrion! That, and they hog the armrest. Our selection of stuffed opossums is full of great stuffed animals. Our stuffed opossums like staying up late since they are nocturnal so be ready to party when your plush opossum arrives. Although, if you do fall asleep early you can always just tell your stuffed opossum that you were playing dead and it was an involuntary physiological reaction that you had no control over. Trust me, your opossum stuffed animal will understand!
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